November 2022 Spending + Lessons Learned

Here’s the brutal truth for you all. In November of 2022 I spent $1,101 on my credit card.


The most expensive thing I purchased was a weighted vest for cardio. I justified this expenditure because I’m trying to get better at moving around in my full duty gear and a 20lb vest imitates that and still allows me to walk on a treadmill. This vest + weights cost $187 (rounded up).

After the vest, the most expensive thing was getting my eyebrows done plus a facial. I have been treating myself to monthly facials because they feel good. However they cost about $170, including tip.

Needless to say – I won’t be buying another vest and I cancelled my appointment for a facial in December.

I also purchased four *FOUR* new sports bras, justifying that by saying that I’ll use them all the time and only two of them were bought at full price. I will use them all the time, yes, but did I need four? Probably not.

Other less than necessary expenses include some bourbon (y’girl has an affinity for the good stuff), a subscription to a macro tracking app (I do use it every day and it’s a yearly subscription but it did cost $80), and some fake eyelashes (lololol, definitely the weirdest purchase all month at about $47).

Current credit card debt: $5,100.

I will be getting THREE paychecks this month because December is a three paycheck month. Plus a 5% raise because I’ll have been at my new job for a year. I also have a check for about $255 coming in (a little less, thanks taxes) which I intend to put towards the credit card. So if I keep up with my current plan of paying $400 per paycheck ($1,200) and also putting the $255 towards the credit card I’ll pay off about $1,400. That’s a pretty decent chunk.

Planned expenses in December – gas, dog food, various subscriptions (Spotify, Photoshop, Discovery+) and then some stuff for the house because I’m going up to Billings with my husband next week and we need some new bed sheets.

Goal for December: Less than $500 spent on Credit Card and pay off $1400.

As far as car payments go, I was able to fulfill my plan of paying off an extra $200 putting the current total owed at about $8,900. Again, three paycheck month so I’ll be putting an extra $300 towards the principle leaving my remaining balance at the end of the month around $8,150 which tempts me to just find $150 somewhere to get that total down to $8000.

The longest I went without spending any money on my credit card was a week – from 11/17/22 to 11/25/22. That’s a really, really good stretch for me. This month I’d like to get that record up to ten days.

Savings is at a really pathetic $290. I know. Please believe me, I understand that having $5,100 on my credit card and savings at $290 is terrible. Like….ugh. I get it. That’s why I’m working on this. Goal on this front is to get savings to around $400 by the end of December 2022.

My current confusion is this: what is more important to pay off? The car or my credit card? Paying off either one is going to free up a lot of money to pay off the other one. Actually, thinking about it, if I pay off the credit card I can free up $800 that I can split towards savings and the Jeep. So we’ll work on the credit card more thoroughly and then bump up paying off the Jeep.

If you stuck around until the end of my wild ramblings, thank you! I hope this inspires you or at least helps you realize that you aren’t the only one who has gotten themselves into a financial mess. If you have any tips or goals that you’re working towards for the end of December drop them below! I’m curious to hear your strategies!

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