A New Start

It’s 3:30 pm on 11/20/22. I realized yesterday that I had paid approximately $200 for hosting and a domain and then just abandoned it. Again. The trail review idea is a good one and I plan on continuing it but I got burnt out from perceived pressure from social media sometime this summer. It wasn’t enjoyable and I didn’t care all that much about it so I just quit.

I think the track I want to go now is to focus on hiking, fitness and finances. More like a diary of sorts because I enjoy writing and I have some goals I want to accomplish in 2023. I have a lot of time to myself currently and no reason to not accomplish these goals.

In 2023 I would like to:

  1. Be able to deadlift approximately my bodyweight – 160lbs.
  2. Be able to do a chin up in full uniform (duty belt, vest).
  3. Get all other “large” lifts up to at least 100lbs
  4. Get out of credit cart debt – approximately $5,200 as of today.
  5. Pay off the remainder of my Jeep loan – approximately $8,900

In order to achieve these goals I will:

  1. Strength training 4x a week to include deadlifts and chin ups.
    • Deadlift is currently at 120lbs
    • Chin ups are currently in the negatives phase with 5lbs added weight
    • Squat is currently at 60lbs
    • Bench press currently at 70lbs
    • Hip thrust currently at 100lbs
  2. Eat with a focus on macros in order to facilitate muscle growth and performance.
    • 140 grams of protein per day
    • 60 grams of fat
    • Carbs vary depending on activity level
  3. Track monthly expenditures and stop buying things I do not need
    • Currently I spend approximately $1000 a month on impulse buys such as clothing and subscriptions.
  4. Only purchase things I actually need:
    • Food
    • Dog supplies
    • Gas
  5. Pay off extra towards the Jeep principle every paycheck
    • I currently pay $200 extra a month. Would like to get this to $300 or even $400 once the credit card is paid off
  6. Update this blog regularly for accountability and for journaling purposes as my strength improves and my debt goes down.

In order to achieve these goals there are some sacrifices I will have to make including:

  1. No traveling in 2023. This next year is going to be my year to pay off debt and develop self-control in order to be more successful in the future. Not only is it expensive, traveling derails my routine and I always find it difficult to start over once I return home.
  2. No alcohol in 2023. Alcohol does not promote my goals in any way, plus it is expensive. Also I am old enough now that I never feel good after drinking.
  3. Attempt to do a “low buy” year where I only purchase things I actually need. I am a sucker for good advertising and I like new things (who doesn’t?) but I am also well aware that I do not actually need these extra things and I end up not taking care of them.

What you’ll gain by reading this blog:

  1. Inspiration to do this yourself, hopefully.
  2. Motivation to work out.
  3. Recipes and hacks for hitting your macro goals.
  4. Tips to start working out if you haven’t already.
  5. Motivation to develop self-control with your finances.
  6. Inspiration to pay off your own debt.

I think the hardest part for me is going to be maintaining this energy that I have right now. It’s easy to say all of this when I’m feeling good and nothing crazy has popped off. In order to prevent burn out I plan on only posting on this blog once a week to start out. We’ll say Sundays. Every Sunday I’ll write a new post about how things are going, any updates to my lifting goals, any progress towards debt repayment and something else interesting such as my current meal plan or anything I’ve learned that might be helpful.

I hope you’ll join me or at least follow along. If not, maybe you’ll read a few posts and see that this isn’t impossible because if I can do it, you can do it too.

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