Clear Creek Trail System – Joe’s Trail

The Clear Creek Trail System is a beautiful area in Johnson County, Wyoming with miles of trails, picnic tables, and national forest access.

If you’re looking for an area that is family and dog friendly with a large number of trails near a “creek” – Clear Creek might be your area.  Also called “Mosier Gulch” (and labelled as such on Highway 16) this county managed trail area is minutes outside of Buffalo, WY a charming western town rich in cowboy history.

There are so many trails available in this area that I have not hiked all of them so today I’m just going to tell you about my favorite self-created loop – Grouse Mountain Access Rd to Joe’s Trail.

This loop is a little under two miles and has no difficult climbs. The only slightly hairy part is when the trail goes out on a sort of cliff overlooking the river. For humans this is not a big deal but I had a small dog with me who isn’t quite aware of her hind end just yet (she’s fallen off a trail before) so just keep that in mind with children as well.

I highly suggest any of the hikes in this area but in order to do my loop, you will park your car near the red gate.  It’s a red gate like most other trailhead gates which prohibits vehicle access onto the trail.  You can’t miss it and there is plenty of parking.

Hike a little over a mile down the well marked, gravel road through trees and along the river.  This gravel road provides access to a small power plant that takes advantage of Clear Creek.  You can go check it out if you just keep hiking on this road.  This road will also eventually land you on a trail that will take you to Grouse Mountain in the National Forest.  Also a great option but if you don’t want to hike forever, then do Joe’s Trail on your way back.

So anyways.  If you go a little over a mile on the gravel road, start looking to your left for a small, red sign that says “Joe’s Trail”.  I have no idea who Joe is but his trail is gorgeous.

Joe’s Trail will take you down along Clear Creek and run parallel to it until you get back to the parking lot where you left your vehicle.

When I was here in mid-June the wildflowers were prolific.

Due to snow melt, Clear Creek is running very high which makes it unsafe to play in. I suspect that later on in the summer the water levels will go down which will turn Clear Creek into a wonderful place to have lunch and dip your toes.

So this trail is:

  1. Good for families and dogs.
  2. A nice loop.
  3. Full of wildflowers.
  4. Sheltered by trees.
  5. Along a river.


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