It’s Been a Few Days

Yeah, sorry about that, work got in the way.

So yesterday I did a ruck which, if you weren’t aware, is essentially a hike but you carry weights in a pack (because, apparently, people are crazy).

Did I train for this?  Sort of?  My sidepartner (coworker) and I hiked a few times carrying our weights but the longest hike we did was a 15 miler two weeks ago.  Also, took a month off for getting married.

So, after getting absolutely 0 hours of solid sleep (I closed my eyes for a few minutes), I was picked up at 3:20 a.m. and we drove to Washington DC because we had to be at the start point by around 4:30 to check in.

We had a team meeting at 5 and then got our paperwork and took off at 6 am.

The way the event worked is that we received a list of 18 checkpoints in and around Washington DC (16 if you don’t count the start and the end) and it was up to us to figure out how to get to each of them.  We proved that we went to each stop by taking a photo and posting it to instagram so that the event organizers could ‘like’ them, acknowledging our progress.  The total mileage was AT LEAST 26.2 miles – that’s what we signed up for.

Once we left the start point we were on our own.  We had to find our own water and food, etc.  At no point could we use any form of wheeled transportation.  No taxis, no metro, no scooters, etc.  We had to do all of the walking around under our own power.  With weighted packs.  In the middle of the day.  For eleven hours.  For 26.2 miles.

It turned into 31.5 miles.

We saw every obscure monument that exists out there – Winston Churchill’s monument, a monument dedicated to the Titanic, a bunch of George Washington stuff that I didn’t know existed, FDR’s humongous monument (it’s like a maze), a stupid, stupid, ridiculous plaque at the very tippy tip of some out in the middle of nowhere peninsula which sucked, an ancient house, a 0 mile marker, a guy on a horse, and of course the major landmarks like the White House, Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, WWII memorial, Jefferson’s Memorial, etc.  That’s 13 things.  I don’t even remember the rest.

By the end of it everything was just pain.  I almost cried I was so exhausted.  We almost gave up with about ten miles left because we were just so physically and mentally devastated.


There was a point where we just sat down and considered whether or not to call it.  By that point I had done something horrible to the arch of my right foot and every step was agony.  BOTH my IT bands were reminding me of their existence (and they still are) and my partner was definitely suffering from light heat exhaustion.

So we sat there, miserable, in the shade, and I asked him on a scale of one to ten how much he actually, truly honestly wanted to finish.

He said ten.

So we stood up and we just kept going.

And going and going and going and going and going.

The last mile was almost the end of me.  I don’t even know how I managed to keep going. I was almost in tears at least four times and we kept having to cross streets and when you’re in so much pain and you are constantly stopping and starting and stopping and starting (because you can’t just walk across streets) it just adds to the pain.

Then, once we got to the end, we had to walk up five flights of stairs.

But getting to that roof and stopping and getting our badge was so incredibly amazing.  I can’t even explain how proud of myself I am right now.  lol

I have two blisters on my left foot and I think I’ve lost a toenail (it’s still attached but it’s loose and it hurts).  There is a bruise and a bump on my right arch and I’m fairly certain I’ve fractured or sprained something in there.  It doesn’t hurt when I just keep it relaxed but standing up and flexing it to take a step is a little painful.  My shoulders are EXTREMELY chafed from the bag rubbing on them all day (I didn’t have that problem in training) and of course my legs are refusing to bend.  lol

But it’s done!

We both agreed that we are never doing another 26 miler ever again.  But we’ll consider a 12 miler.  Next year.

Sixty-two days until the cruise!  Hoping to hear from the personal trainer sometime this week or next and I’m pleased to announce that I’m no longer eating absolutely everything in front of me just because it’s there!  I’ll eat slowly and until I’m full and then I’m happy!  (I say that now.  I’m sure I’ll slip eventually.)

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