Day Three

Well, totally messed up yesterday.  One hundred percent fail.

Weighed in at 141.2 this morning which, if you read yesterday, is two pounds heavier than yesterday’s weigh in.

Not that I gained two pounds yesterday, no, I just have two pounds of food sitting in my stomach digesting.  I didn’t eat 6000 calories yesterday although it was probably close.

When I got to work yesterday I saw that someone had brought in a buffet of cookies, muffins, cupcakes and donuts.  Since yesterday was Mother’s day, someone had thought of us in the radio room and treated us.

It was SUPER nice of them, don’t get me wrong.  But I just couldn’t control myself.  I’m not blaming the person who brought the food – I’m blaming myself.  No one forced me to eat the cookies and donut holes.  Then we decided to order pizza as a group and my husband gave me a sweet coffee….

It was bad, guys.

And no, there was no exercise.  And it’s raining today and since I had to stay until three a.m. (a regular occurrence) I didn’t wake up early enough to go running.

So then I was thinking about it and it occurred to me that I need to make changes that I can sustain and there is NO WAY that counting calories like I was yesterday is going to be maintainable.

So we’re back to square one – a whole foods, plant based diet but with a twist.  I’m going to do that 90-95% of the time.  If someone offers me something that I really want and haven’t had in awhile I’ll eat it.  If I actually LIKE it.  But like, today, there will be NO MORE cookies or donuts because I had WAY TOO MANY yesterday.

Today I’ve packed my lunchbox with mostly fruits and veggies + some hummus and some Beyond Meat sausage (yum!)  I’m going to stop on the way to work to buy a kombucha and that will be everything I eat tonight.  If I’m actually hungry, I’ll have one of the healthy snacks from my lunch box.

I MUST get the exercise thing figured out.  I hate working evenings because I have just no motivation to go to the gym before or after work.  I know a lot of people think we just sit at a desk and type but, believe me, dispatching is much, much more difficult than you realize.  By the end of twelve hours in that room all I want to do is go home and drink, watch TV and sleep.  Because that’s all I have energy for.  lol

Sixty-Eight Days Left!  I HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT!

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