Day Two

Sunday morning.  Very, very rainy.  Had a weird dream that was interrupted at 7:15 by my grocery delivery.

First time I’ve ever had my groceries delivered and it was amazing.  Guy in a truck just brings up five bags with everything I’d ordered yesterday online while sitting on my couch watching TV.  I don’t have any extra stuff I don’t need and I got $20 off because it was my first purchase.

I’ll probably be doing it again.  It saved so much time.  Plus you can save carts and buy the same things over and over.

Anyways, due to the rain, didn’t get out to go running.  I’m not all that upset about it because a friend and I did a 15 mile hike on Friday and my hamstrings still hurt.  It’s probably for the best that I don’t go running.

Weighed in this morning at 139.6.  It’s so much lower than yesterday because I weighed in first thing and yesterday I had eaten lunch.  This trend will continue because I’m keeping my portions small and counting my calories.

For breakfast I had a banana (200 cal) and a cup of coffee.  For lunch I had a salad of romaine lettuce (17 cal), garbanzo beans (110 cal), asparagus (20 cal), beyond meat sausage (190 cal), black olives (50 cal) and sriracha mayo from Just Mayo (60 cal).  Very satisfying.

Snacks for tonight (probably working 12 hours) will be a strawberry bar (110 cal), an orange (not counting calories for that, it’s an orange), a kombucha (not sure which brand but probably 60-110 cal) and a poke bowl from Wegmans (love).

The forecast for the rest of the week is rain and rain and rain.  Will be doing a lot of indoor workouts which is actually fine because on Saturday I have a 26.2 mile ruck which is probably going to be the death of me.  lol

Sixty-nine days until the cruise!!

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