For People Who Hate Running

Hello, everyone!

Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things – running.

I’ll be totally honest with you though – about a year ago running was the LAST thing I ever wanted to do.  If you are one of those people you know what I mean.  I’ll sometimes ask my friends who are starting to work out more “Do you ever run?” and five times out of ten I’ll get the response, “No, because I HATE running” with a huuuuuge emphasis on HATE.

I get it.  I really, really do.

It has taken me about eight or nine attempts to actually understand this whole running thing and stick with it long enough to get to the point where I’m not dreading it or hurting the entire time.  I tried C25K and listening to Zombies! Run! while I ran.  I would buy nice running shoes with custom insoles, the whole nine yards.  I really wanted this to work!

I would run for maybe a month or two and then just burn out.  I’d even sign up for a 5k but then just quit running one day and either not show up for the race or show up and walk the majority of the way.

So I understand your pain, I really do.  I’m not even a great runner right now.  I JUST worked my way up to doing three miles without stopping and that’s because I forced myself to do it.  It got super cold here (January) and I couldn’t run outside so I had to get a gym membership so that I had access to a treadmill (great plan, actually) and decided to just go for three miles.  I could do two and a half, so obviously I can do three.

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