Sunrise SUP – Edgewater

Name: Sunrise SUP

Where: Pier 7 Marina 48 South River Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037

Website: Sunrise SUP

Price: You pay by the hour for various things.  A one hour lesson (including board rental) is $60 for one person.  $50 for two people and the price goes down per person from there.  If you already know what you’re doing and want to just rent a board and have at it, it is $25 for one hour, $40 for two hours and the price goes up per hour from there.  It is all very well detailed on their easy to understand website.

Sunrise SUP is located on the beach at Pier 7 Marina on the south side of the South River Bridge.  It is easy to get to via GPS.  If you’re coming from I97 take Route 2 over the bridge and then turn left.

Once you arrive at the marina you’re supposed to go in through the gate (Kate, the owner, will send you the code) and park in front of the marina but I always just park in the restaurant parking lot.  I haven’t had an issue but I’ve only been there during the day when the restaurant wasn’t busy.  (I imagine if they were busy they wouldn’t want me parking in their lot.)  There is plenty of parking in front of the marina.

The first time I visited Sunrise SUP I opted to take an hour long lesson which came with thirty minutes or so of free time.  The instructor was incredibly nice and we got along great.  She had a speaker with her so we could listen to music and, since the basic motions of paddle boarding are pretty straightforward, once we were out in the water, it was pretty easy to just have at it.

The marina is located on the South River so you have a lot of space to explore.  Once you’ve taken a lesson the owner is pretty comfortable with you taking the board out as far as you feel is safe (within reason).  There is a little sandy beach that you can stop at in order to eat a lunch or just take a break.  There are several little creeks with gorgeous houses that you can float past and you’re even able to wander around underneath the South River Bridge.  If you go far enough out you’ll float past Londontown and get a pretty good view of the old tavern.

Sunrise SUP will provide you with everything you need including a space to lock up your valuables but you’ll probably want to bring a towel with you just in case.

Sunrise SUP also offers SUP Yoga, and regular yoga.  They have a very active Facebook page (which is actually how I contacted them in the first place) and are big in the SUP racing scene.  In the summer they offer day camps.  Basically, you can get as involved as you would like.

If you are interested in trying out paddleboarding for the first time, Sunrise SUP is a great, friendly, welcoming place to do so.  The people who operate the company are easy to work with and laid back.  You really can’t go wrong here.


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