Whole Yoga & Pilates – Odenton

Name: Whole Yoga & Pilates

Where: 1202 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD 21113

Website: Whole Yoga & Pilates

Price per Class: $17 for a single class which is below average in this area.  New members can also get a card for 5 classes for $25 which comes out to $5 per class but it does expire so you have to use it or lose it.

Classes I Attended: Gentle Yoga with Lauren Weinhold + a few others here and there

Located on the second floor of a brick office building (it’s hard to explain….there are other doctors offices, a tanning salon, what used to be a karate studio and something for SHA all located here), this yoga studio is fairly small but makes up for its size with high quality classes and a friendly atmosphere.

They also have a masseuse and some other offerings but I’ve never taken advantage of them.

WY&P only has one classroom and it is not very large so the class size stays very small which I enjoy because there is more one on one attention from the teacher.  The largest class I’ve ever been a part of was about nine students and the room fit us all quite nicely. I’m sure there have been larger classes, I’ve just never been a part of one.

This is the yoga studio I went to when I was first starting my journey with Yoga.  I move around from studio to studio now depending on my schedule but I still love coming to WY&P.

Lauren, my favorite teacher, knows me by name and, as is typical with most Yoga teachers I’ve found, is extremely patient and kind.  I’m always relaxed when I leave her gentle yoga class.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any gear – you can borrow anything you need including mats and straps.  They offer plenty of bolsters, props and blankets as well as chairs and tennis balls for anyone who might need them.

They have a shelf and coatrack for your items but you cannot secure anything so they recommend leaving any valuables locked in your vehicle.  There is a strong suggestion to not bring your cellphone into the classroom with you.

You can walk in for a class without reserving it online but if there is no space left you won’t be able to take the class.  The best way to do guarantee a spot is to register online through their website which is pretty easy thanks to their intuitive calendar.  You just select the class you want to take, make an account (if you haven’t already) and sign up for whatever class you want.

Their cancellation policy is fairly laid back – just call them as early as possible and tell them you won’t be there.  One time I wasn’t able to make the class and just didn’t show up so they called me and said they’d issued me a credit.  You won’t be refunded your money but the credits are good for awhile.  I’ve never had any expire.

Ultimately, if you are looking to get into Yoga or just see what it is all about, the laid back, small class atmosphere at Whole Yoga and Pilates is a great place to start.  The price can’t be beat in this area and the $25 for 5 classes deal will let you try out several styles of Yoga without breaking the bank.

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