The First Post!

Hey, guys!

I’m off on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week which means I have a pretty decent chance at a weekend.  (Well, it’s literally the weekend, I’m not sure why I think I have a decent chance.)  I have to drop the Jeep off at the mechanic on Friday morning because, being a terrible vehicle owner, I let the ABS system light stay on too long and now the poor thing makes bad noises when I go to brake.  It isn’t dysfunctional and I can still stop just fine, it just makes a terrible grinding noise that I need to go away.  I have a great mechanic and am not worried but I will be Jeep-less this Friday.


You wouldn’t guess it by how poorly I take care of it, but I really do love my vehicle.  I’m a little bit too emotionally attached to it, I have to admit.  (Also, please to enjoy the circa 2010 Instagram filtered photo.)

So anyways, the project this weekend while I’m stuck at home is to keep working on a book I’d like to try to ePublish on Amazon.  I am….10,000 words in?  The rough draft part is killing me because I keep running into situations where my logical brain realizes that what I’m writing is not possible but my creative side really, really wants to do it.  So that’s the project for the upcoming few days.

Also, August is officially ‘No Spend August’ for me where I’m trying to be much more careful about my budgeting and spending.  I have a little bit of credit card debt that I’d like to pay off before traveling to New York and London in October (like $800 guys, it’s no big deal) but in order to do that I need to buckle down.

I use a Mac and the Numbers app that comes free (you have to download it) actually has a really great layout for newbie budgeters! I’ll attach a sample PDF of what I’m using here so if you’re interested in figuring out a budget for yourself (which, as a human, you need to do) you can get an idea of what I’m working with.  You’ll probably need to adjust your form to whatever your expenses are but, as long as you can get your output to be lower than your intake (spend less than you earn) you’ll be on the right path.

I also created an “Expenditure Justification Form” where I write down the things I purchase using whatever account.  I’ve given myself $100 a week to spend which I can use in whatever way I see fit.  I can blow it all at once or I can save it up to have a lot of money later on.  It’s completely up to me.

Something that has helped with not spending any money is this concept I’ve been working on in regards to owning ‘stuff’.  If you’re like me, you watch the show Hoarders on TLC and are probably amazed by how much stuff one person can own.  I’ve never wanted to be like that so recently I’ve been really considering why I own stuff.

You know how you go to a place that you really like and then before you leave they herd you through a souvenir shop?  For some reason, most souvenir shops all have the same things – eggs made out of stone, special coins, coffee mugs, mouse pads, stuffed animals, books, etc.  The idea, of course, is that you’re in such a good mood from having a good time and you want to remember your activity so maybe you’ll buy something in order to somehow preserve that memory.

But why do you have to purchase something?  What good is that coin with a giraffe going to do you in two years?  Why would you need an egg made out of stone?

I can’t definitely say that I need those things or that they will be helpful to me in the future so I just don’t buy them.  I don’t want to end up throwing them away in four years.  I’d rather take pictures and write down how I’m feeling in order to preserve the memories.  These souvenirs are free and are more enjoyable to me.

I’m definitely going to touch on this concept of owning less in another post.  I’ve been working on a flow chart and everything.  You’re going to love it.  Probably.

Well this post is all over the place now and I’ve got to get ready for work in a few hours so I’ll let you mull over these things until I’m back with whatever new things I’ve decided to try next!

Thanks for stopping by!




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